Thank you to Sages on the Side…#change11

Jaap, Carole McCulloch and brainysmurf responded to my post “Calling all Sages on the Side”. Thank you. In the post I described my experience of setting up a PLE and invited comments from change11 participants.

Jaap began the discussion with “Your PLE as it is now, does it work for you? Do you learn from using it as it is now?  What is positive in your PLE?”

As it is now, my PLE is composed of a variety of elements. The hub is Evernote where I store notes of change11 sessions, links, screenshots, must read articles. I use Netvibes as a gathering place for change11 and other technology/education blogs, videos and so on. In terms of storing references, I have used RefWorks in the past, explored CiteYouLike, Papers2 and eventually settled on Mendeley. Enamored would hardly describe my fascination and the benefits of Twitter, the tweets from change11 participants and others I follow. Amazing. Google Reader and Docs are on my list. I subscribe to several, maintain three Scoop.its….enough!

All of this exploration has been exciting and fun, has contributed to seeing a new world, and enabled me to learn in an all-consuming, wild way. It is positive and for the most part works for me, Jaap. Yet it sometimes feels unwieldy. For example, each week of change11 adds another perspective with more intuitive posts from participants…learning can’t get better, it seems, even though it is challenging.

So, Sages on the Side, you have given me these realizations:

  • My focus has been (too much) on “what are the technologies and how can they enable my learning”. Carole stated that “I was at this crossroad some years back and it occurred to me then that I was looking at the Personal Learning Environment (PLE) from a technological point of view instead of a pedagogical view”. Brainysmurf made a similar comment by saying “I don’t believe a PLE is dependent on technology. Rather, technology is one tool that can help”.
  • I have been thinking, in the words of brainysmurf “of a PLE as new or as separate from something you were already doing? I realized I had a PLE all along, I just hadn’t had a name for it”. Precisely.
  • I need to become more comfortable with redesigning and redefining my PLE. It will “fluctuate over time and that my way of sharing … took on its own shape as my learning advanced” (Carole).
  • More thinking about “how collaborative technologies and social media could enhance, strengthen and/or expand my network” (brainysmurf), before leaping in, will help maintain a focus.
  • Developing ways to share reflections, learning and evidence of achievement (Carole). I want to try Pearltrees…more technology!!

Sages, thank you for spurring me to switch my thinking in these ways. I will return to my change11 learning goals. I have all I need for “taking charge and being more confident” with respect to my learning. For now.

Best wishes, a novice immersed in novelty and newness to emerging networker immersed in something more “normal”.

2 Responses to “Thank you to Sages on the Side…#change11”
  1. brainysmurf says:

    Thanks, Glenis, this is so valuable in terms of making your learning visible to others. Glad to have weighed in and now see how it took shape. 🙂

  2. jaapsoft2 says:

    Thank you, for showing your PLE, I want to look at some of the tools you mention. Some are new to me. Your question did help more newbies. I put youi in on a new page.
    regards Jaap

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